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Online Gym? What's That?

We get that question a lot. But it's quite simple!

You get to workout to your favorite Fit Fem fitness routine, wherever you want, whenever you want.

The Fit Fem Online Gym delivers ON DEMAND workouts to you via streamed video in HIGH DEFNITION to the privacy of your home.

Does this describe you?

  • You hate the gym because you're embarrassed to go.
  • You are clueless when it comes to working out so you forgo the idea altogether – it's easier to starve ehhh?
  • You sign up for a gym only because your favorite instructor works there and you hate everything else about that facility.
  • You juggle too much and you just don't have the time to waste on hour-long workouts.
  • You buy hundreds of workout DVDs - before you know it they become dusty collectibles in your entertainment center.
  • You don't buy P90X because you think you need to get in shape first.
  • You're bored of the treadmill/elliptical.

Of course we kept YOU in mind. Look we get it – life gets in the way of your fitness. You've tried so hard to fit it in, you can't seem to get motivated to drive down to the gym, and you are bored with the DVDs you have at home. We thought to ourselves what is the easiest, most convenient, and most affordable way to bring fitness into your home?

The Fit Fem Online Gym was designed to be the solution to all of those questions. And it was designed to keep the fun in fitness.

Let's make this crystal clear. This is a non-intimidating, non-judgmental platform. Why? Because fitness is not supposed to scare people and it sure as hell is not supposed to feel like a chore. And you should never, ever feel like you can't d it! Because you CAN!

If you are a beginner, AWESOME! Glad you have decided to finally prioritize fitness into your lifestyle. If you are advanced, AWESOME! We make sure you'll get a workout too - nooo you're not off the hook! ;) Our workouts are for all levels of fitness.

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ONLY $9.97 / month

(access to 50+ HD streamed workouts, One 'HOT TOPIC' call per month & Unlimited Email Access)


Success StoryJess F.

DOWN 2 Jean Sizes!

I have been taking classes with Sylvia for almost 2 years now. Her kickboxing and total body fat burning classes are absolutely amazing. She is such an inspiring trainer and I wanted to push myself even further. Joining Sylvia's online gym pushed my work outs even further. I am able to work out in the comfort of my own home whenever it fits into my schedule.

The online gym is absolutely fantastic. I get a high intensity but easy to follow work out each and every time I work out. Tabata is my new favorite work out; short, sweet and so effective! The classes are nothing I have experienced before at your average gym. The classes vary in time so you can always find one that fits into your busy day. I have gone down two jean sizes since starting the online gym and I look forward to making more progress!

What's so special about these online workouts anyway?

With names like 'Buh Bye Batwings', 'Swiss Ball Sexy', 'Assault 'Em Abs', and 'Kick Some Ass Kickboxing', you know they are gonna be fun workouts. The great part about these workouts is that they were created for women by a woman (ME!). [Dudes, feel free to workout with us as well…trust me the Fit Fem can whoop yo' booty into shape too!]

And you can choose whichever modality you feel like working out to for the day. Feel like cardio? Do Kick Some Ass Kickboxing, Tabata, or HIIT It Hard. Feel like toning the whole body? Do Total Body Pyramid or Crazy Circuit. Want to just work on your core? Assault 'Em Abs and Core Circuit may be more your style. You get to choose! How cool's that?

You've got more questions? We've got the answers! Check out the Frequently Asked Questions. Something we didn't cover? Just ask!

What else do you get?

Get Started Now & Become a True Fit Fem

ONLY $9.97 / month

(access to 50+ HD streamed workouts, One 'HOT TOPIC' call per month & Unlimited Email Access)


The last thing we want to do is have you fend for yourselves. We know first-hand that accountability and motivation are exactly what you need to see results!

In addition to the actual workout videos, you will also get:

  • A monthly group coaching lesson with Syl where you learn how to make nutrition and other lifestyle changes
  • Weekly inspirational videos to keep you pumped for the rest of the week
  • AND Unlimited email coaching with Syl, herself

So No More Excuses!

We made these workouts Fun, Convenient, Simple, and Affordable

What more can you ask for?

Better yet, these workouts will actually get you results! How? Because you are not doing the same workout over and over and over again!

Success StoryMichelle C.

"All I can say about her classes are Whoop Whoop, what an incredible workout! "

I met Sylvia when I first started attending her Cardio Kickboxing classes on Mondays in LI, NY! I then joined the Fit Fem Online Gym and it is the best thing I have done!

The online gym is always on and ready when you are. There are plenty of workouts and kickboxing classes you can do right from your home! I love The Fit Fem Studio and Sylvia, don't know what I'd do without them.

Are you ready?

ONLY $9.97 / month

(access to 50+ HD streamed workouts, monthly group coaching, weekly inspirational videos & unlimited email to Syl)


about Syl, the fit fem

Based in Long Island, New York, Sylvia Nasser is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor offering her in-home personal training services to local residents.

Sylvia is also a certified Holistic Health Coach, accredited through Purchase College, at the State University of New York, as well as The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

Want to learn more about Syl's personal training services? Click Here!

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